Purio Specialty coffee, Single Origin coffee

Specialty coffee is a term for the most advanced coffee available, often involving the entire supply chain, using single origin or single estate coffee. Specialty coffee is a delicious coffee, has its own characteristics, no errors or very little. More specifically, the types of coffee are at least 80 points (score of 100) on the evaluation scale in the world.

After extensive research, Purio Coffee has been able to select 100% natural coffee beans from places such as Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Kenya, Guatemala, Papua New Guinea, Sumatra Indonesia, and more.

Customers have asked us, why do we choose to use Single Origin coffee beans, and what are the unique features of this type of coffee? The simple answer is that it is rare and special. But below are some more specifics:

  • Single Origin coffee is classified as a type of Specialty Coffee, meaning that the coffee is delightful, unique, and very few to no defects. In particular, Single Origin coffee scores at least an 80 on the 100 point scale, graded by coffee specialists from around the world.
  • Furthermore, our Single Origin coffee is carefully selected from world-renowned locations where the amount of raw coffee beans produced is small. Often, these coffee bean farms are referred to as “”
  • The combination of the most advanced Hot Air Roasters from Loring and Purio’s highly experienced coffee roasters results in coffee beans that retain the unique taste and high quality of beans for the consumer.
  • The name “Single Origin” also means that for a particular line of coffee, we do not mix different beans from different regions together. Instead, we keep those coffee beans separate – this ensures that the natural, pure taste unique to this Purio’s Single Origin Special Coffee can be enjoyed.
Purio Specialty coffee - Cafe Specialty Purio
Coffee is selected from ripe fruits on famous coffee lands in the world

Currently, Purio Coffee roasts six different product lines of specialty coffee that come from all over the world.


Purio Yirgacheffee DSC 4017 18x13 Full Edited by AsinPham

Ethiopia Yigacheffee

195,000 đ More Details

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Purio Sidamo DSC 4016 18x13 Full Edited by AsinPham

Ethiopia Sidamo

195,000 đ More Details

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Purio Tarrazu DSC 4014 18x13 Full Edited by AsinPham

Costa Rica Tarrazu

195,000 đ More Details

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Purio Sumatra

Sumatra Indonesia

175,000 đ More Details

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Purio Png

Papua New Guinea

175,000 đ More Details

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Purio Antigua DSC 4015 18x13 Full Edited by AsinPham

Guatemala Antigua

175,000 đ More Details

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If you are a connoisseur of pure coffee, then you definitely have to try this specialty specialty product. You will find this experience totally worth it and PurioCafe is very happy for helping you have such a great experience.

Purio Coffee’s goal is to bring 100% natural, unique coffee beans into the hands of consumers. Purio’s efforts to scour all four corners of the world to find noteworthy coffee beans and the utilization of advanced roasting techniques and machinery ensures that our coffee differentiates itself from others.

With all of that, Purio Coffee’s products remain competitively priced.

Please do not hesitate to CONTACT US if you have any inquiries.


Where can I purchase Purio’s natural Coffee?

1. Purchase online: You can purchase Purio Coffee products on Serano.vn (Serano is the official online distributor for our products)

2. Purchase in-store: You can also visit these stores:


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